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The Memory of Nations Theatre

At the Memory of Nations Theatre we take inspiration from the real stories of witnesses and bring fresh life to places linked to our recent history. In our productions we draw on the site-specific form, in which we create performances at particular buildings that have a genius loci and, frequently, troubled pasts. Our aim is to spark meaningful discussion, active citizenship and a connection to the place where we live.

Main activities of theatre:

Theatre studios

At the Memory of Nations studios, children and young people aged 12 to 18 create theatre performances inspired by stories of the 20th century. The two-semester course, which begins in September, awakens creativity, self-confidence, the ability to express an opinion and listen to others and an interest in history and the world around us. All of this takes place in a friendly and safe environment, where topical issues are raised against the backdrop of stories from our recent past.

Theatre workshops

The theatre workshops focus on two target groups: young people and the elderly. For young people, there are interactive workshops called Youth Workshops, which are based on the stories of witnesses. In Adult Workshops seniors learn various theatrical techniques and draw on their own memories to create theatrical studies or performances. Intergenerational Workshops serve to bring together different age groups, helping them get to know each other and promoting dialogue between generations. The main goal of all the workshops is to activate participants and develop their creativity and intergenerational understanding.


Since 2019, we also prepare a repertoire of professional theatre productions based on the real stories of individual witnesses recorded by Post Bellum documentarians. They are co- produced with professional theatres and institutions and are thus a full-fledged part of Czech professional theatre. The creation of these productions is closely linked to the Post Bellum project We Are Memory, in which we present thematically distinct productions in a unique space every year in collaboration with Theater Na de Dam from the Netherlands. The aim is to connect young artists/students with established professionals.

International projects

We collaborate with European theatres and organisations with a similar poetics or focus, such as Theater Na de Dam from the Netherlands, Fanfakids from Belgium, Das Letze Kleinod from Germany and the Estonian artist Siim Aimla. We run joint workshops for children, for example in Lithuania. In 2021–2022, we collaborated with Bulgaria’s Foundation ECE on the Price of Freedom and Democracy, a project for young people. Since 2022 we have organised workshops for Ukrainian children. We have presented our theatre at the European Remembrance Symposium in Ireland and at the international Quantum Ten Educational Conference in America.

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