In Memory of Nations studios, children and young people aged 12 to 18 create theatre performances inspired by stories from the 20th century. Our two-semester course awakens creativity, self-confidence, and an interest in history and teaches how to express opinions and listen to others. It is possible sign up for the studios at any point throughout the year.

Locations and times:
Prague: Divadlo v Dlouhé (Mon 17:30-19:00), The theater on Fidlovačka (Tue 16:30-18:00), NGP - Trade Fair Palace, (Tue 16:15-17:45), Divadlo pod Palmovkou (Wed 16:30-18:00), Cultural Center Chestnut (Thu 16:00-17:30).
Brno: Mikro-teatro (Út 16:00-18:00),
Liberec: Spolek Němců v severních Čechách (Thu 17:15-18:45). (Čt 17:15-18:45),
Pardubice: Institut Paměti národa (Thu 16:30-18:00).
Hradec Králové: Divadlo Drak (Tue 16:00-17:30). Plzeň: Centrum volného času Skupovka (ČT 17:00-18:30), Ostrava: Atelier for Theatre Education at the NDM (Tue 16:00-17:30).

Theatre Studios

Looking for a creative and meaningful way to spend your free time? Join our theatre studios! We offer regular meetings across the country where you can immerse yourself in the world of theatre and stories under the guidance of experienced drama teachers. You can sign up for the studios at any point throughout the year.

2 semesters / 30 lessons of 90 minutes / 1 premiere