Memory of Nations workshops are for anyone who wants to actively engage in the world of theatre. The interactive "Youth Workshops" will guide you through the fascinating stories of survivors and help you create your own theatre pieces. Creative "Intergenerational Workshops" for all ages will allow you to rediscover the magic of theatre and share your memories with others.

Youth Workshops

During the summer holidays, all those interested have the opportunity to participate in a creative and educational week-long residency which we regularly offer as part of our summer day camp. These are designed for older school-aged children and young people. The aim is to provide a space to create together and learn about a selected period of modern history.

Intergenerational Workshops

The Memory of Nations Theatre offers intergenerational workshops where people over 55 meet with high school students to collaborate on theatre work based on true stories from the 20th century. Participants learn about history, share their experiences and opinions, and develop their acting and creative skills. Workshops can vary in format and length and are led by an experienced instructor who guides participants through the whole process of creating a theatre performance.