We have been preparing a repertoire of professional theatre productions based on the real stories of individual witnesses recorded by Post Bellum documentarians since 2019. Our productions are co-produced with professional theatres and institutions and thus are full-fledged contributions to the Czech professional theatre scene.

2024: Luck

A theatrical performance with art installations that explores the stories of Holocaust survivors who had to pass through the “gathering place” in Prague. It was created in collaboration with the Memory of Nations Theatre, the National Gallery Prague, and the Department of Art Education at the Faculty of Education, Charles University. It was performed at the Exhibition Palace of the National Gallery Prague on the occasion of Holocaust Memorial Day (January 27). The performance is based on the real stories of Helga Hošková-Weissová, Jana Dubová, Michaela Vidláková, Toman Brod, and Zdeněk Prokeš. 

Premiered on: January 27, 2024, NGP - Veletržní palác, Prague
Directed by: Tamara Pomoriški
Choreographed by: Nela Štarková
Performed by: Viktória Pejková
Art installations made by: Students of KVV Pedf UK

2023: Road No. 19

A dance performance on the occasion of the Holocaust Memorial Day commemorated the fate of Roma victims. The authors were inspired by the stories of survivors Rudolf Murka and Antonín Lagryn, who lost most of their relatives in Auschwitz, and František Němec, who witnessed the events in the camp in Hodonín as a boy. The performance thus brings to life the stories of the Roma people, 90% of whom disappeared from Bohemia and Moravia during the war, and almost five thousand of whom perished in Auschwitz.

Premiered on: January 27, 2023, The House at the Stone Bell, Prague
Directed by: Tamara Pomoriški
Choreographed by Nela Štarková
Dramaturgy: Nela Štarková and Tamara Pomoriški
Performed by: Sára Musilová, Kateřina Bílková, Natálie Kreidlová, Nela Janů, Barbora Slováčková, Sára Langrová, Anna Petráňová, Adéla Maria Bidelnica, Maria Petryshynets, Tereza Železná, Hana Bažantová, Aneta Malinová, Andrea Stibůrková, Nela Štarková
Sound design and live vocals by: Ridina Ahmedová

2022: Heydrichiade

A theatrical performance commemorating the events surrounding the assassination of Reich Protector Reinhard Heydrich. In the Church of Saints Cyril and Methodius, where the paratroopers hid, eleven young actors brought to life the fates of the brave people who helped them, as well as those who suffered from the Nazis’ retaliatory measures after the assassination. The script was based on the stories of survivors— survivors of Lidice, a worker at the castle in Panenské Břežany, and the son of the sister of a paratrooper. 

Premiered on: January 27, 2022, Church of Saints Cyril and Methodius, Prague
Performed by: Gabriel Cypris, Eliška Stejskalová, Alžběta Marková, Rebeka Nečasová, Nikolas Nasli, Veronika Vaňková, Timotej Cypris, Kateřina Bočková, Natálie Nováková, Anna Faldusová, Veronika Kratochvílová
Directed by: Tamara Pomoriški
Cooperation: Jan Bárta

2021: Velvet Revolution

A week-long theatre workshop for seniors over 55 took place in the historical center of Prague in November 2021 and was inspired by real events from the Velvet Revolution. Here, female witnesses who experienced first-hand the events of November 17, 1989, processed their memories theatrically.

Premiered on: November 12, 2021, U Valšů Theater
Instructors: Ridina Ahmedová, Jan Bárta, and Tamara Pomoriški

2021: Others Play Instead of Us

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this theatrical performance about the tragic fate of the Wels family, murdered during the Holocaust, was instead made into a short film. The film explores the previously unknown story of the family, which no one knew about until 1984. The son of Tomáš Wels was living in England after the war when he undercovered the tragic fate of his ancestors. The film, shot in the villa of the architect Loos, depicts the family across generations against the backdrop of historical events. 

Premiered on: March 8, 2021 (YouTube)
Performed by: Jiří Weinberger, Lea Švejdová, Jan Burda, Timotej Ciprys, Sebastián Hájek
Directed by: Tamara Pomoriški
Choreographed by: Lea Švejdová
Filmed by: Vojtěch Votýpka
Sound designed by: Lukáš Kosek
Edited by: Vojtěch Votýpka, Matěj Pospíšil

2021: After the War

11 young actors aged 16-21 met with 5 Holocaust survivors under the guidance of professionals. Based on the powerful experiences of these meetings, a performance was created that explores how people coped with the past after the war and how they passed on traumas to the next generations. This recording captures the genesis of the theatrical performance and the collaboration between the young actors and the survivors.

Premiered on: January 27, 2021 (YouTube)
Stage play directed by: Tamara Pomoriški
Documentary film directed and edited by: Zdeněk Chaloupka
Set designed by: Tomáš Žižka
Choreographed by: Lea Švejdová
Sound designed by: Lukáš Kosek

2020: Silence

12 young actors met with 6 survivors and created a touching performance out of their stories. In the National Library in Prague on January 27, 2020, they paid tribute to the victims of the Holocaust and commemorated the personal tragedies and collective suffering of this dark chapter in history. 

Premiered on: January 27, 2020, National Library, Prague
Performed by: Children's Ensemble of the Memory of Nations Theatre
Directed by: Tamara Pomoriški
Music directed by: Ridina Ahmedová

2020: Skryté stopy / Hidden tracks

In the Hidden Tracks project, young people searched for forgotten folk music and songs. These they collected from survivors as well as folk dance and song ensembles. They then developed their own interpretations of traditional music through theatre and dance. The participants met in February 2020 in Schiffdorf, Germany, where they collaborated on a joint performance in a “theatre train" under the guidance of an international team of instructors. They also lived and created together.

Premiered on: February 29, 2020, Schiffdorf-Geestenseth, Germany
Performed by: Young Czech, Estonian, and German actors and musicians
Directed by: Juliane Lenssen, Tamara Pomoriški
Music directed by: Siim Aimla

2019: Journeys

On January 27, 2019, on the occasion of the International Holocaust Remembrance Day, young actors premiered a theatrical performance at Masaryk Station in Prague. Six stories of children during the Holocaust brought the horrors of this dark chapter in history closer to the younger generation. The play was created in collaboration with the Dutch organization Theater Na de Dam and thus symbolically commemorated the fates of the children saved by Sir Nicholas Winton. The station, as a place of saying farewell to the victims of the deportations, gave the performance a powerful atmosphere.

Premiered on: January 27, 2019, Masaryk Railway Station, Central Hall, Prague 
Performed by: Nataša Gáčová and the Children's Ensemble of the Memory of Nations Theatre
Directed by: Tamara Pomoriški